Booking A Photoshoot

To book a photoshoot, contact the photographer to discuss the type of portrait, time and date. When finalizing the photographer will send out a contract. This must be signed and sent back 3 days before the shoot.

Late Arriving & Cancellations

Client is expected to arrive no later then 10 minutes past the time of the shoot. If client goes over 10 minutes $20 will be added to the ending payment, if client is 25 minutes late then another $20 will be added. If client does not show after 30 minutes, shoot with be cancelled and client my reschedule for $50. 

To cancel or reschedule a shoot, reach out to the photographer no later than 24 hours before the shoot.  


Online gallery will be available when photos taken before 4 pm. If not, the client will receive photos the next day. The client will choose the number of photos stated in the contract for the photographer to edit.